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Policies and Procedures

Technology Policy

The College of Arts and Humanities utilizes a wide array of technological resources to uphold the vision and mission of the college and university. The guidelines presented here are intended to facilitate the use of technology resources, while promoting consistency and compliance with college and university regulations. CAH Technology Policy provides conditions related to resources, services, and personnel expertise available for use by CAH faculty and staff. Please read this policy carefully. Particular attention should be paid to the following points:

  • The college adheres to all university policies
  • In order to receive the fullest CAH Technology support possible, college units and users must comply with the policy outlined herein. Users requesting administrator rights changes the security, responsibility, and support scopes
  • Preservation and maintenance of CAH Technology policy requires the cooperation and effort of CAH Technology staff, college units, and individual users
  • Support is limited for some hardware and software
  • All operating systems and software must have a license purchased by the appropriate college unit when applicable
  • Students’ personal identifiable information (Employee/Student ID, ISO number, grades/GPA, See FERPA for complete list) may not be e-mailed or stored on portable hardware. Social Security Numbers should not be used at any time.
  • Personal files on university hardware will not be recovered, restored, or backed up by Technology Support.

Web Policy

The quality of information published by the College of Arts and Humanities plays an important role in maintaining a strong reputation and image of the college and the University of Central Florida. This policy sets standards that are meant to ensure that information published through the Web is visually appealing and well written and follows the same high standards as other forms of published information. This policy is also intended to facilitate and promote consistency in design practices, navigation, and accessibility across the college. View full Web Policy.

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