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Transition Plans

The College of Arts and Humanities is finishing its transition to UCF IT's shared services.

According to the comprehensive transition plan, the college is in the fourth and final phase. Please direct your questions to the CAHIT support team.


By moving to shared services, many aspects of day-to-day computer usage will not change drastically; however, it will require some adjustments especially during transitioning. Shared services will change every aspect of the technological services that CAH provides including server hosting, file shares, websites, classroom support, and workstation support. Moving to shared services involves dismantling the CAH server room and eventually decommissioning the CAH servers and moving to a virtual hosting environment. Shared services will provide:

For individuals

  • a single login credential of the UCF NID and password for most, if not all, systems. Workstations and CAH-supported classrooms will use the same NID and NID password as UCF’s Exchange e-mail account, wireless, and VPN.
  • a centralized, server-side e-mail archiving for 7 years, which will occur without user intervention and regardless of operating system
  • file sharing similar to CAH file sharing
  • better ability to update software automatically on workstations
  • NID and NID password resetting support available by CAHIT and UCF Service Desk

For servers

  • fuller network and power redundancy
  • fuller backup services for servers and file sharing
  • retained CAH control of configuration of services needed for daily operations, special projects, and research needs; services such as IIS, apache, tomcat, PHP, MySQL and software that requires those services such as Omeka, WordPress, xtf, and wikis
  • virtual hosting, which CS&T will charge monthly based on processing power, and space and backup usage
  • physical hosting, which CS&T will charge based on the physical space of the server measured in rack units
  • after the initial transition, new servers have a one-time setup cost and recurring costs based on space, processing, and backup

For CAH-supported classrooms

  • a single login credential of the UCF NID and password that is the same as UCF’s Exchange e-mail account, wireless, and VPN.

Some services, such as DHCP and DNS, will be seamless for most users but will require the CAH Technology Office to work with CS&T in order to continue these services. The largest efforts include transitioning users from the existing file share to the shared services file share and changing individual workstations to be part of the shared services NET domain instead of the CAH domain. Once servers have transitioned to shared services, future projects and server need will have direct one-time and recurring costs involved that must be budgeted for the length of the project.

Planning Process

The transition plan to UCF's shared services was a result of many information gathering, discussions, meetings, and questions (and answers).

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